The Hubbards Barn Association (HBA) continues to coordinate & communicate parking options during our Hubbards Farmers’ Market.

The challenge, though, is that Hubbards is a small community, and parking is limited. And while the HBA is working on long term solutions, in the short term we are grateful to businesses & organizations in the community that help provide parking.

Options to consider beyond parking? Carpooling, if you are able to do so, would naturally reduce parking demand. Another possibility is hiking or biking on the St. Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trails, which can take you directly to the Hubbards Barn & Community Park, home of our Hubbards Farmers’ Market. (Check out to see where you can connect with the Trail).

As for parking options:

1. Hubbards Barn & Community Park on-site parking is limited and includes several accessible parking spots. Best suited for seniors and people with reduced mobility. NOTE: should you enter the Barn site and are unable to find parking, please do not wait in the lane for a space to open.

2. Aspotogan Heritage Trust is located at 10 Pte. Richard Green Lane and has lots of parking spaces. Only a few minutes walk from the Hubbards Farmers’ Market!

3. Hubbards Shopping Centre (HSC) offers parking during the Hubbards Farmers’ Market but ONLY on the gravel on both sides of the HSC western entrance and in the back sections farthest from the Hubbards Shopping Centre businesses. Please note: there is NO PARKING for those attending the Farmers’ Market in the two rows closest to HSC businesses.

4. Hubbards Community Waterfront Association is located at 20 Yacht Club Road, across from the library & down the road from Hubbards Cove Coffee. It is an eight-minute walk from the Waterfront to the Hubbards Farmers’ Market with gorgeous views of the Cove along the way!

NOTE ABOUT HUBBARDS PHARMASAVE: There is NO MARKET PARKING at the Pharmasave! Our friends at Pharmasave support us by providing invaluable parking for Farmers’ Market vendors behind their building. However, their front parking lot is NOT for use by Farmers’ Market visitors.

Even if you plan on stopping in at Pharmasave before or after visiting our Farmers’ Market, parking at Pharmasave is off-limits! Our concern is this: if you occupy a Pharmasave parking space while you are at the Farmers’ Market, you prevent access for others who simply need to pick up urgent prescriptions and other essentials.

Those who need Pharmasave’s services must have immediate and unobstructed access to those services. If you are visiting our Farmers’ Market, please use the many approved parking options that we at the HBA and our partners in the community have made available for you. We thank you for your understanding.

NOTE ABOUT ACCESSIBLE PARKING: The Hubbards Barn & Community Park has several accessible parking spots available for use during our Farmers’ Market. Thank you for your patience about accessibility and parking. We will be taking action to review and improve accessibility on and around the Hubbards Farmers’ Market in the very near future.

Thank you for you interest in our Farmers’ Market. With a little care & communication, and with your neighbourly help, we can work together to limit disruptions and ensure safe summer fun for all.