Information for Vendors

The Hubbards Farmers’ Market is committed to having a strong diverse marketplace featuring high quality, locally produced products. We welcome applications from unique local producers year round. You must be a primary or secondary producer to be considered. Please read the documents below.

All vendors, current and interested, are required to apply annually. Vendors selling food must fill out a food vending check list as well.

Our basic criteria are as follows:

  • The vendor must be a primary or secondary producer.
  • A minimum of 75% of the product sold by food producers must be of the vendors own production. Up to 25% may be of someone else’ production on market days. This must be approved by the Market Manager and meet our product guidelines set out in vendor handbook.
  • 100% of all products sold by non-food vendors (artisans, crafters, etc) must be of their own production.
  • There must be available space in the appropriate product category
  • Direct re-selling of products is not permitted
  • All new vendors will start as day vendors for their first season. Membership status will be evaluated the following year and will depend on space availability.

The Hubbards Farmers’ Market is primarily a Farmers’ Market, and we always strive to maintain our ratio of primary to secondary producers at 60% primary, 40% secondary.

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