Who We Are & What We Do
The Hubbards Barn Association (HBA) is a non-profit organization that preserves the Hubbards Barn and Community Park and provides access to the property as a valued and valuable community asset. The HBA leases the land on which the Barn and Park are situated from the Aspotogan Heritage Trust (AHT) for the benefit of heritage, recreation, and cultural programming in the area.

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of local community members, and drawing on contracted management services for some service delivery, the HBA facilitates and supports a seasonal Farmers’ Market (May through October), annual community activities, special event rentals, and use by community groups for their own activities.

The HBA helps to enrich the quality of life in Hubbards and area, and in so doing shares a community development role as part of an ecology of local, not-for-profit organizations and community groups.

How We Are Funded
Much of our operational activity is funded with revenue generated from  Hubbards Farmers’ Market vendor fees and by special event rentals.

In the past, special projects have been funded by grants secured from local, provincial, or federal governments as well as from local foundations.

A more recent and ongoing partnership has resulted in ongoing funding from the Bay Treasure Chest Association.

Did you know that the Hubbards Barn Association (HBA) is a partner organization of the Bay Treasure Chest? We’re part of the Community Centre Hub, one of the eight non-profit partners in the St. Margaret’s Bay area that make up the Bay Treasure Chest Association (BTCA).

As a BTCA partner, the HBA helps to recruit and coordinate volunteers who provide many hours of service for the BTCA’s weekly 50/50 draw. As you know, that draw awards prize money to a weekly winning player and provides a significant source of funding for partner organizations.

At the HBA, we use our share of BTCA funds for several specific project areas: trail maintenance and enhancement; accessibility improvements; and other facility enhancements that improve our programming and services, such as our Hubbards Farmers’ Market, while respecting the heritage and ecological integrity of the Hubbards Barn and Community Park. We’ll be announcing our plans for BTCA-funded projects in the near future!

For more information about the Bay Treasure Chest Association and their important work for our community, check out their website (linked above) or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Membership in the Hubbards Barn Association is open to anyone. An annual HBA membership costs $10, and expires each year at the HBA’s Annual General Meeting.

As a member, your annual fee provides financial support for the work of the HBA. Your membership also demonstrates community support of the Hubbards Barn and Community Park, and gives you a voice in the running of the HBA and the management of the facility. Many members also choose to become volunteers.

The Hubbards Barn Association Board of Directors

The HBA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that usually meet on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. The HBA’s Annual General Meeting of members, during which elections are made to the Board, takes place each March.

The 2020-21 Board of Directors:

  • Amber MacLean, Chair
  • Jocelyn Harrison, Vice-Chair
  • Christine Hall, Treasurer
  • Marsha Wilson, Secretary
  • John Cahill
  • Tyler Haut
  • Sarah Pellerine
  • Laura Keeler

Contracted Service Provider:

Ashley Marlin — Farmers’ Market Manager

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