This is an entirely voluntary role, which involves being a working Director – so you need to be prepared not just to attend meetings, but attend events at the Barn, help with projects we are working on, be involved in the administrative and practical elements of running this important community resource. Although this can be time consuming, particularly during the summer months, some of the rewards include having an opportunity to contribute to the community and to the Barn/Community Park, getting to know people involved with the Barn and the support of fellow Board members.

The Board can have up to eight Directors, with four officers. Directors are usually elected at the annual AGM. Officers are appointed immediately following this.  At its discretion, the Board can appoint Temporary Directors during the year.

The types of activities Board members undertake include:

As a Board, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and rural environment of the Barn, we bear in mind the community, the history of the Barn and the environment when making decisions. We weigh many factors in order to try to make the right decision. We work together as a team, but often break into smaller teams to achieve tasks.  We support each other and try to ensure that we have fun and enjoy the wonderful asset to the community which is the Hubbards Barn and Community Park.

If you are interested, please fill out this brief form.

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