Lin Cahill Pavilion

Lin Cahill Pavilion

Lin Cahill Pavilion

Terms of use

We are delighted to have this new space, the Lin Cahill Pavilion, at the Hubbards Barn. We hope that our community enjoys and uses this space. We are happy to be able to accommodate use (free of charge) of the Pavilion for families, not for profit organisations or other community groups. By making an inquiry about the use of the Pavilion you will be deemed to have accepted all these terms of use:

  • The Pavilion is not to be used for fundraising or for-profit events (in this case, a rental of the barn should be considered)
  • Intended community use is for ‘one off’ events rather than regular events
  • Use of the Pavilion must be in accordance with all laws of the land
  • Should you wish to use the Pavilion you should book your use by contacting: , who will be able to confirm availability. The HBA reserves the right to refuse use of the Pavilion
  • Nothing should be attached to the building itself (no nails, no staples, no tacks, no glue for example), should you wish to hang something, use ribbon/string for example
  • All garbage and recycling should be taken with you from the Barn property for your own disposal
  • Take care not to use anything that may cause the concrete pad or building to be stained or marked
  • No fires, fireworks, candles, BBQs (no kind of flame/fire)
  • Any damage to HBA property must be reported immediately
  • Your group is responsible for their own safety while using the property


  • It is important to note that if the Barn has been rented for a private event, the renter has the use of the entire barn property. Therefore, during a private event, no attempt should be made to use the Pavilion.
  • The Pavilion will not be available for use until after 1 p.m. on market days (and only then if there is no private event being held that day).