Current Opportunities

The HBA is recruiting for THREE new volunteer Directors to join the HBA Board at our Annual General Meeting on April 12th, 2021. Interested candidates can submit a letter of interest to HBA Chair, Amber McLean via email at no later than February 20th.


The first step to fulfilling this role is to become a Director of the Hubbards Barn Association at the AGM on April 12, 2021. Following that you will be voted in as Treasurer at the first official meeting of the new governance year. Training for this role will be provided. The Treasurer holds one of four Officer positions on the Board. 

As Treasurer, you will work closely with HBA’s bookkeeper. Your primary duties will be:

  • Overseeing HBA financial administration in conjunction with the contracted bookkeeper.
  • Guiding the board on financial decisions, strategy and opportunities for other grants and funding.
  • Directing the generation of monthly financial reports with bookkeeper and submission of required legal/tax forms as required.
  • Managing HBA bank accounts, cheque signing and electronic banking processes, with bookkeeper support.
  • In conjunction with the bookkeeper, guiding the annual budget preparation process and year-end financial report for AGM.


HBA DIRECTOR (Two positions to be filled)

The HBA is seeking two additional new Directors. In addition to regular HBA Board activities, these two individuals will both act as liaisons with the Bay Treasure Chest Association (BTCA) to fulfill the HBA’s partnership requirements as a member of the BTCA. This important partnership provides HBA with critical funding from the proceeds of the BTCA monthly on-line lottery draw and the in-person weekly Toonie draw.

In short, the HBA is a member of the BTCA through the collective partnership group known as the Community Centre Hub (CCH).  The other two organizations in the CCH that we partner with are Hammonds Plains and Estabrooks Community Centres. The CCH is one of eight partner groups who make up the BTCA.

These two Directors will represent the HBA’s interests with the Bay Treasure Chest Association by:

  • Being familiar with BTCA general operations and policies
  • Attending CCH partner meetings twice a year
  • As a CCH member representative, responsibilities also include:
    • Organizing volunteer counters at monthly CCH Toonie count.
    • Participating on and/or Recruit volunteers to participate on various BTCA committees.
    • Taking a turn at sitting on the BTCA Board of Directors and attending bi-monthly board meetings, as well as the BCTA Annual General Meeting.


Am I qualified to do this volunteer job? 

To be eligible to be a Director of the HBA, you must be at least 19 years of age, pay the annual memberships dues ($10), and have a genuine interest in serving the needs of the Association.

What kind of people will I be working with?

To date, the majority of people who have served on the Board for HBA continue to hold day jobs in their chosen field. It would be a great opportunity for a retired person who wants to stay involved in the community in a meaningful way. And our organization would also appeal to a younger demographic who could help shape the HBA to be relevant to the large influx of young families who now live in Hubbards, as well as those who travel here weekly to shop at the Farmers’ Market.

What is the term I will need to commit?

Once you are either appointed or elected as a Director at the Annual General Meeting, you are expected to hold your position for a term of two years. You may renew your term two more times for a total of six years. After serving for six years, Directors are asked to step away from the Board for at least one year before offering again.

How much time does this volunteer job take each month?

On average, you will spend at least 5-8 hours each month on HBA business. This includes attending a monthly meeting (held in person or virtually, usually on the second Monday of each month), committee meetings and preparation, and participating in special events (ie. Spring Clean up Day on the property, Vendor Appreciation Coffee Event on the last day of the Market season). If you take on a specific portfolio, such as Bay Treasure Chest Association (BTCA) Liaison, there will be an additional time commitment. And there are other specific duties attached to the Officer roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

This sounds like a serious job. What else should I know?

You need to know that you will be serving in an official role, and as such you will be named as a Director for the Hubbards Barn Association on the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. The HBA minimizes any personal risk to its Board members by carrying Directors’ liability insurance.

So, what’s in it for me?

This question matters, and different people will have different reasons for volunteering with a not-for-profit in an official capacity. Some people have a strong avocation to volunteer in their community. Others enjoy making a commitment and seeing it through. Sometimes, you get to use and hone skills with the HBA that your day job doesn’t require, and this can be a great addition to round out your resume! And generally speaking, other people respect and admire those who give their time in a measured and specific way to make a community organization run successfully. But mostly, it feels really good to be a part of a cherished institution and work alongside caring, like-minded people. It’s interesting to note that most Directors choose to remain on the Board after their initial two-year term ends.


If you’re not ready for a Board role, perhaps you know someone who might consider one of these opportunities. You can help us out by emailing this document to them.

If you would like to offer your time as an HBA volunteer this summer, send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Keeler at Let Laura know how much time you have to offer and any special skills you have. Here are some jobs we need help with:

  • Front greeter/ door attendants at the Saturday Markets. These can be one- or two-hour shifts.
  • 25th Anniversary Committee Members. You can help us plan ways to mark this special year.
  • Assist the Volunteer Gardening Team who keeps the property looking beautiful on Thursday mornings. Or help with watering the flower planters on a different day.