A statement about parking

Dear Hubbards Farmers’ Market Visitors:

Once again, the Hubbards Farmers Market has been a successful Saturday community gathering this season, bringing residents and visitors alike to the area together for all the market has to offer. We’re looking forward to the changing season reflected in the local produce and artisanal goods as the Farmers’ Market continues until the end of October.

That success, though, has created some challenges when it comes to managing the traffic that the Farmers’ Market attracts. Perhaps it is a good problem to have. At the very least, it’s a problem we are aware of and are working address.

But before touching on how we are tackling our parking needs, concerned visitors and vendors and others in the community have informed us that Farmers’ Market visitors are being charged a fee to park at the Hubbards Shopping Centre.

The owners of the Hubbards Shopping Centre recently advised us that they would no longer permit Farmers’ Market parking on their site because they wanted to ensure that parking spots are available for Shopping Centre customers. We only learned about their plan to charge Farmers’ market goers a fee to park at the Hubbards Shopping Centre when they started doing so at the beginning of September 2018.

The decision to charge Farmers’ Market visitors to park at the Hubbards Shopping Centre is an action solely of the Shopping Centre owners. The Hubbards Barn Association is not associated with this action in any way. We do not receive any proceeds raised from the parking fees, nor do we wish to receive any such proceeds.

Instead, our approach is to develop a parking strategy in partnership with groups and organizations in our community that will provide accessible, cost-free parking options so that the Hubbards Farmers’ Market continues to be a community asset for Hubbards and area.

We have already taken several initial steps. For example, you may have noticed that during last season’s Farmers’ Market we introduced on-site parking coordinators, volunteers who help manage traffic flow on the Barn and Community Park site in an effort to ensure the safety of market-goers and to manage our on-site parking efficiently. In addition, the Aspotogan Heritage Trust provides free parking in their parking lot, and we have developed a flyer identifying designated free parking areas on a simple map. We’re also working to provide more on-the-ground signage to clearly identify and provide directions to free parking areas.

As we work on this parking strategy, we will provide updates though our all our communications channels, including email, our website, and via our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time at market@hubbardsbarn.org.

Oh, and who are we? We’re the Hubbards Barn Association, a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization that works to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Hubbards Barn and Community Park, facilitate community activities and events on the property, and provide organizational continuity through the sound management of our resources. Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from Hubbards and area who are dedicated to working with partners and stakeholders to ensure the Hubbards Barn and Community Park is a community asset for all.

The Hubbards Barn Association